We Are Experts In Personal Injury

With over 35 years of experience and expertise in personal injury law, we understand the challenges facing accident victims and we work hard to make certain that their health and financial needs are met appropriately. 

As barristers and solicitors, we can help with everything from insurance and other claims to advocacy in court. We coordinate necessary health care treatment, deal with insurance companies, track down witnesses and accurately re-construct how the accident occurred. We get our clients the doctors and specialists they need to recover. We secure financing if they are unable to work, thereby allowing our clients to focus their time and energy on getting better.

Personal injuries are stressful every accident victim, financially, mentally and spiritually. They are a drain on their family and their well-being. At Sharpe Beresh & Gnys we fight to defend the defenceless against insurance companies whose only goal is to minimize its payments to you and have you settle early.

At Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś we have a dedicated personal injury team with a proven track record in getting financial settlement claims for our clients. We encourage you to tour our website so that you can better understand the value that we provide to victims of personal injury and our unique and compassionate approach to resolving insurance disputes in favour of our clients. Our website has also been designed to be educational as we want our clients to understand their situation and various aspects of personal injury law that may affect them and their families.

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