History of Success in Personal Injury

Established in 1894, Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś is one of Niagara's longest serving law firms. During that time we have successfully represented thousands of clients, and we have the knowledge and experience to help you. We know the law. In fact, over the years, we have helped to make the law. Personal injury is our area of expertise, and we never represent insurance companies, working only for those who have been injured.

Dedicated To Resolving Insurance Disputes

With a reputation as strong as ours, insurance companies know we are serious and that we know how to overcome their obstacles to avoid paying accident victims what they are entitled to. We work hard on behalf of accident victims to get them the best results possible. We understand the hardships that personal injury involves. We guide our clients every step along the way to a full recovery and help them get their life back on track. We offer FREE initial consultations and we don't expect any fee payment from our clients until we have achieved financial compensation. We don't just care about the legal case; we care about each of them and their families. well-being.


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